New single out Friday 23rd June

A song about travelling and discovering yourself. The artwork here is of a Jain temple I visited in the desert in INDIA. It is 1000's of Years old and just appeared like a mirage on a camel trek. The song features an outstanding string arrangement from my composer friend Chris Payne as well as some desert flute!

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Welcome to!  Andy Smythe is a versatile singer/songwriter and his work is influenced by an eclectic mix of blues, rock and folk.  Andy's musical journey began with Dylan and The Beatles and The Rolling Stones (he ignored the music of the 80's and went back straight back to the 50's and 60's!).  In 1987 he discovered Roy Harper playing upstairs in a Birmingham pub and was blown away. Andy loves performing on acoustic guitar and blues harp and has a huge voice like Roy that can fill a venue without a microphone. He's played many of the best folk and acoustic venues and festivals in the UK.  Andy also plays bass, organ and piano. He'll always bring the Roland stage piano to the gig to add a unique variety to the set. But above everything Andy's a writer and invites you to listen to the lyrics.... the songs tell stories like an English Cohen or Dylan.