Andy Smythe Biography

A singer/songwriter with a captivating sonic Signature

A singer-songwriter from London, Andy Smythe is seeking to contribute towards a renaissance in the British soungwriting with a meticulously arranged retro-sound that combines the melodic and lyrical craftsmanship of Dylan, McCartney and Buckley. He writes about his ‘inner world’ in a Lennon/Bowie style and plays piano/guitars/bass and drums a la McCartney. Andy has been playing on the UK scene since the early 2000’s, performing at events such as The Borderline singer/songwriter festival and venues such as the 12Bar Club and the National Theatre. Andy's spread his wings and has performed nationally on the acoustic scene, playing at acoustic clubs and festivals throughout the UK. Wherever he performs audiences are quick to recognise the power and range of his Jeff Buckley-like four octave voice and the virtuosity of his guitar/piano playing. Andy is not seeking to pursue recent trends in music but explore and develop his distinctive voice, composing arrangements for his songs that continue to develop his signature sound. The most important thing for him is ‘the song’ and enhancing its message with a thoughtful and innovative presentation. With passion, perseverance and a commitment to his art, he is determined to share his work and continue to enchant and entertain. 

‘Psychedelically captivating singer-songwriter with quirky sonic signature” AnR magazine ‘

Songs beyond the scope of most singer-songwriters’ Time Out