Inspired by the poetry of Lee, Whitman and William Blake a song about revisiting the garden of your youth only to find the swing rusting and overgrown with ivy.


Once we swung to heavens bound
Brambles and ivy hold the ground
Their rusted thorns and bleeding crowns
Guardians of this sacred ground
Where we danced like butterflies
With floating dreams fixed in our eyes
Two new-born lovers you and I

Oh the summers filled with scented love
Fled these fields with boiling blood
With pounding hearts like beating drums
Worshipped gods of lustful sun
And as the flocks of birds flew south
You blessed me your tender mouth
How the diamond dust of the dew dispersed the doubt

So take me back
To the garden we once knew
Where I will always lie with you
The garden of sweet England
The garden of sweet England
That we once knew

When autumn’s fingers stain the leaves
With the tarnished brush of memories
So chlorophyll and sap will vanish
Life-blood drained redundant banished
As winter’s mists dissolve my eyes
Bid us kiss one last goodbye
Two ghosts of lovers you and I