A true story about the struggle of Nicuraguan refugees boarding the 'train they call the beast' - a freight train through Mexico. They ride the carriages and only 50% of them make it past the police, militia. bandits and border control to the promised land of the USA.


A white cross marks the spot
Where my brother was found
Trying to cross this river
Last night he drowned
We’d come from Nicaragua
To be packed in between
The smugglers and the drugs
Daring to dream

So close to God so far from America
So close to god so far from America

Still a thousand miles
This journey left to go
The jungles and deserts
Curse you Mexico
I’ll often stop and think of him
What else can I do
Police and banditos
Set to beat on you

Though Christ watches over us
With his sisters and his priests
I’m gonna ride that train
That train they call the beast

If you’re afraid of La Bestia
Gonna kill you for sure
Take limb as down payment
For busting all his laws
As he weaves through the jungle
Like a devious snake
Hillbillies with their cleavers
Like jaguars they wait

So sleep tight my comrades
Neath these stars tonight
And hope the morning wakes us
To Ixtapec so bright

Now the border will sparkle
With its billboards and its riches
Them coyotes will howl
For the meat beneath our britches
But you can’t run for long neath
The power of this sun
And them vigilante yanks
Will shoot at you for fun