On to the next pile and there's the new one from Andy Smythe. Andy's a singer/songwriter from down south and I once went to see him play in an Earls Court basement club, sometime in the late 90s. He's sent me all his releases since. He has a beautiful, almost choir-boy voice, and sings earnest, quite delicately calibrated songs straight from the heart. The voice and words are the thing with Andy, and both are in fine shape.” - Mike Scott

— Mike Scott of The Waterboys

Andy Smythe's new album Live For The Future is the latest collection from London-based singer/songwriter Andy Smythe, who recently celebrated the album's release at the Green Note in London's Camden Town. I have heard and enjoyed all of Andy's previous albums and feel this one moves him forward into another dimension -- thirteen tracks of sheer delight and all have a story to tell. Andy's song writing is mildly protesting in a 21st century way. A staunch family man who is trying to raise awareness to us all, in order to respect the future, for our generations to come. We Love Our Children" is the first track, which gives us the taste of things to come on the album, and pierces the soul, telling the story of whatever wars break out, children live on both sides of conflicts. There is also an acoustic version as the penultimate track. A particular favourite of mine from Andy's first album, Whiskey Priest, cranks the tempo up in stark contrast to the first track. This is cleverly done throughout the album, catching the listener when the album is played for the first time. The title track of the album, "Live for The Future," is half way down the album. A dark and foreboding track which needs careful listening to. "Warden I'm Ready" is about a prisoner on Death Row, I am sure Andy hasn't experienced that, but you would think he had, after listening to the lyrics. Stirring stuff. Andy is a consummate musician, playing piano, acoustic guitar, clarinet, organ, mandolin, synths and accordion, with help from Peter Readman on strings, French Horn, and harp and Chris Payne on violin, mandolin, piano, recorders, and backing vocals. I could mention all the tracks and rave about them -- just take a listen and see for yourself. We are going to hear more of Andy Smythe, and hopefully see more of him around the UK in the very near future. You can purchase his CD by visiting his website.” - Jean Camp