'Nation of the Free' by The Andy Smythe Band

The Andy Smythe Band's new album 'Nation of the Free' features 14 new songs featuring Barry Targett on guitars/fiddle, Les Elvin on bass and Guy Whitby/Mel Wright on drums. From the bluegrass influenced fiddle on ‘Changing Seasons’, the gently protesting rock of ‘Ancient Ways’, the Neil Young inspired guitar thrashing of ‘Nation of the Free’ to the huge orchestral string section of the smooth and radio friendly ‘Two lovers’ and the Beatlesque string arrangement of ‘Louise’, the eclectic collection ranges between clearly influenced American rock’n roll through to English folk melody. From guitar driven alt country/rock to the sweetest piano ballads. The songs encompass a plethora of subject matter from the plight of the Native American in 'Last Chief', celebrating the dreamtime philosophy of the Australian aborigine 'Ancient Ways' and warning shots about global warming 'Changing Seasons'. On a lighter note there are songs like 'Kids' written for his family. 'Song for Sean' is also a song written from his perspective as both a father and a self confessed Beatles fan for John/Sean Lennon. The band has evolved into a tight and inspired unit. Andy’s songs drawn from a long history of performing live in the US and UK maintain an edge of modern protest and observation. Songs about England and songs about America. Songs of hope for the past, present and future and songs of inspiration. The brand new record ‘Nation of the Free’, one year in the making is the result of four musicians bound by common beliefs and some of the best production to be found in London. Long may they run! 'Everything about the music is big, although though are moments of contrast such as the solo piano of Sap and Earth' Dai Jeffries R2 magazine Jan/Feb 2010 'Voice, band, fiddle, songs - a wonderful warm sound' Mike Scott of The Waterboys. Buy this CD at amazon.co.uk You can also purchase individual tracks as mp3's from amazon.
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