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Andy Smythe: Press

Last Throes of Summer by Andy Smythe

This is the fourth album from South East based talented singer/songwriter Andy Smythe who writes it seems from personal experiences and inspiration from his “young family, travels, a musical country upbringing and a lifetime of writing, reading and performing” he says.My first introduction to Andy’s music was listening to his very excellent third album – Love Unspoken, which is very different to this new album, in both style and approach. Last Throes of Summer is more ballads coupled with piano and is a more mellow, easy listening type of album. Coogee Bay kicks off the album, the video song of Our Gang is next, all about school and what we all got up to! Andy’s lyrics are from the heart and my particular favourite is Brothers, oh just stunning. I did ask Andy if this was something from the past and he said it was which is very sad when you listen to the lyrics. Let’s Fall In Love Again is another stunning track as is Autumn Gold from Love Unspoken and is given a revamp on this album. Maid of The Loch is another tearjerker (why are all folk songs sad???) and Bag of Sugar is inspired by the birth of youngest son Harry I believe. The last track – the title track leaves the listener with a warm glow of lazy hazy summer days but as we pass into Autumn the warm memories linger and wishing Summer could stay. (Bearing in mind it will come next year Andy so no worries!).An altogether lovely album, which is good to listen to when feeling mellow or just want a chill out easy album to put on the player. For all you promoters out there, this guy is excellent live and we need to see him around the country not just in the South East ok!