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Andy Smythe: News

Gigs coming up - February 4, 2016

Two exciting gigs this month as I take my new set of songs on the road. I'm playing The Red Lion Folk Club in Birmingham on Feb 17th supporting Mirnada Sykes and Reg Preston and on Sunday Feb 21st I'm performing a set at Croydon Folk and Blues Club.
Also I'm beginning to record the new album on a grand piano on Feb 20th. All very exciting!

happy new year - December 31, 2015

Had a bit of a break from performing but am intending to be back on the circuit in 2016. I've got a batch of new songs written that I'm really excited about and am planning a solo piano/voice album for release in 2016. Watch the gig space here - dates to be added soon....

welling beer festival - July 28, 2015

Come and catch me live at the Welling Beer Festival on Saturday 1st August between 5.30 and 6.15pm. I'm going to just do the gig on the piano!

Chapel folk club tonight - May 2, 2015

A great gig tonight in a real chapel. Come and see me play piano and guitar tonight in a real chapel in the heart of rural kent. Check out the gigs page for directions!

Loughton folk club tonight - April 23, 2015

Playing an extended set tonight at Loughton folk club on the piano et al.Really looking forward to it - a greta club!

Beer fest gig tomorrow! - February 20, 2015

A beer festival gig tomorrow. A whole afternoon and evening of great local folk acts. I'm on towards the end at 9.15pm. See you there!

first few weeks of solo going well... - January 17, 2015

A good start to going back on the road solo. Really enjoyed the initial floor spots and a few gigs coming in as a result! My head feels free again and the new songs are starting to flow. Really excited about music again. Listening and loving Nina Simone and Phil Ochs. More chord substitution and more finger picking the way to go!
Also I'm in the top 40 artists on Reverb Nation - a lot of other folks being really nice and digging the songs!

going back to being solo - January 3, 2015

Hi Everyone,

A very happy new year! Looking forward in 2015 to starting (or maybe re-starting!) a musical journey in the folk world. For the past 7 years it's been a delight to play with Barry, Les, Mel etc in the Andy Smythe Band. I'm looking forward in 2015 to getting back to the way I started circa 1999 and re-visiting the folk clubs and indeed discovering a plethora of new venues. I'm excited by challenging myself musically to play the piano to a fully appreciative audience listening and hanging on your every word and re-honing the skills of songwriting and craftsmanship that solo performance entails. I'm gonna try and write and record some classic tunes in 2015, and look forward to bringing them to a sensitive venue somewhere near you!

Halloween at Orpington! - October 30, 2014

Our original gig tomorrow night in Sussex got cancelled so we've been very cordially invited to do a 45min spot at orpington Friday folk as an acoustic trio. Got a feeling it's gonna a be a great night!

Halloween - October 26, 2014

A great gig last night at the Pilot in Maidstone. We really rocked the joint - 3 encores at the end! Next up it's The Dragons Den in West Sussex next Friday. Halloween!

solo gig - October 4, 2014

Andy is doing a rare solo gig on piano at Ruskin House, Croydon on Sunday October 5th. It kicks off at 8pm.

a busy autumn schedule - September 27, 2014

Check out our Autumn gigs. We're in Kent and Sussex at some venues new and old. A couple of fantastic drummers in tow now. The wonderful Dan, with his jazz degree in drumming, and the fantastic Christian (multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire with great bv's too). They've both brought a fresh energy to the set, and we're enjoying playing with them both immensely.

Punch and Judy coming up - July 23, 2014

Come and catch us at the Punch and Judy in Tonbridge on Tuesday 29th July. It'll be a great acoustic gig, with the electric piano also making an appearance. Some musical sunshine to add to the fantastic summer we're enjoying. See you there!

summer gigs - June 17, 2014

Please check out our summer gigs. We have some great ones coming up including Lewisham People's Day on Saturday july 12th at 5.20pm on the band stand. We're playing some gigs now with 2 new drummers Christian and Dan. Should be great fun!

summer gigs - April 5, 2014

Really looking forward to our summer gig season. Please check out the gigs page!

brilliant gigs recently - December 13, 2013

We've really been enjoying ourselves recently. Two excellent gigs at the Punch and Judy in Tonbridge, and Blues at the Red in Stevenage where we went down an absolute storm, and I sold the most CDs ever! Fantastic stuff. Next gig is down in Littelhampton over the xmas period. Should be great fun!

on the road again... - November 1, 2013

After a busy period of work, football and physics.... we're now on the road with a little mini-tour before xmas. We really do cook as a 4 piece come and catch us before xmas! 4 gigs coming up - be there or be square!
Albums have been selling very well recently too. Don't forget the perfect xmas gift - the Andy Smythe band!

A fun summer! - July 20, 2013

Well what a great summer we've had. A wonderful gig at Hampstead Heath, where we sold a bucket load of CDs to many great intellectual left wing types. Then a wonderful beer fest at Welling, where we rocked late into the night... very much looking forward to taking the band into another year, and doing the rounds again and again..

new year gigs - December 27, 2012

Very shortly a happy new year to everyone! Come and check us out at 'Blues at the Red' or 'The New Cross Inn' on January 13th and 20th respectively. Also a real fun folk gig at Strotfolk on Jan 17th. Looking forward to a busy new year of music!

new year gigs - December 4, 2012

The new year's starting to look pretty healthy gig wise, and we're looking forward to being on the road again big time!

hampsted heath post olympic party - August 21, 2012

The band are playing a great gig on Sept 9th on hampsted heath. Access via highgate road at NW51QR. Should be fantastic - big stage, PA and we're playing a one hour set.

at the pilot this weekend - May 15, 2012

Come and join us at the Pilot Inn in Maidstone this saturday for a great afternoon gig in maidstone. Check out the gig page of how to get there!
The band are doing just great right now .... wonderful weekend last at the Vigo Inn, complete with wonderful electric piano and a great real ale festival night at Orpington Folk club. What a wonderful world is this world of folk!

still rocking! - March 19, 2012

A couple of great gigs these past two sundays. Wonderful to play with Mel on drums again. Brilliant rhythm section with Mel and Les and great violin and guitar from Barry! Really enjoyed myself! Catch us on the road in May!

honeywood lane gig - February 16, 2012

We've enjoyed a great month in Febuary with a couple of wonderful gigs at the folk club in Bishop Stortford followed by the punch and judy in tonbridge. Survived the freezing temperatures - really warm and generous audiences. Great gig coming up next Friday, a lot more exciting events to follow over the next few months!

on the road in 2012! - January 21, 2012

A great gig just the other day down in Whitstable, and now we're on the road again... at stortfolk at the British Legion in Bishops Stortford this coming Thursday, then down at the Punch and Judy in Tonbridge on Feb 7th. More dates to be announced soon, and congratulations to Barry on his wedding!
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