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Andy Smythe: Music samples

Autumn Gold from 'Love Unspoken'

(Andy Smythe)
March 1, 2002
Andy Smythe (words and music)
My son used to need 3 hour wlaks in the pram to go to sleep! Wrote this in my head one autumnal day heading over Blackheath to Greenwich Park.
Autumn gold lights the skies
Warms my soul thrills my eyes
The moving air a constant threat
Rustling leaves with every breath
Take me in your heart again
We’ve been distant far too long
Let me feel your flesh again
It’s there where I belong

Swallows dart across the heath
A thriving drove of speckled thieves
Plundering from the grassy turf a feast of life
With cunning verve
Love has grown on feathery wings
A journey full of songs and dreams
Changing shape forming words
The heart will preserve

Autumn gold Autumn gold
This is where my dreams unfold
And all of our stories must be told
Autumn gold Autumn gold
This is where my dreams unfold
And won’t you shelter me from the cold
From the cold

Geese migrate in timeless form
Eyes fixed on horizons worn
Their wings a fluid beat
Shadows all they leave
Let’s grasp this final chance
Thinking free acting fast
Guiding instinct too succeed
Enjoy the air we breathe