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Andy Smythe: Links

Merry Tom Folk Festival
A wonderful folk festival run by the great people that used to run Spratton Folk Festival. They're selling tickets now! Go ahead and support them!

Buy 'Nation of The Free' by The Andy Smythe Band

Buy 'Nation of the Free' at i-tunes
'Nation of the free' has been a featured release on both the main and the rock page of i-tunes!! It's doing great - check it out!
i-tunes USA
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You can purchase the whole album or download individual tracks from amazon.
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You can buy the whole CD or individual tracks from this website.
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Buy import 'nation of the free' worldwide from amazon
For overseas fans.
e-music 'Nation of the Free'
A subscription service, whereby with a monthly fee you can download as many tracks as you like.

Buy Andy's Previous CDs from CDbaby

i-tunes Buy Andy's back catalogue!
There are 4 other solo albums which you can buy from i-tunes. They are: 'Changing Seasons' 1999 'Love Unspoken' 2002 'Last Throes of Summer' 2004 'Live for the Future' 2008 Love Unspoken and Live for The Future in particular are every bit as good as 'Nation of the Free'!
CD baby @Live for The Future'
Buy 'Live for the future' from CDbaby now!
Buy Love Unspoken by Andy Smythe Now!
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Buy 'Last Throes of Summer' by Andy Smythe from CD baby
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Other Band Websites

Andy Smythe's myspace site.
Check out blogs, videos and yet more song samples on this wonderful myspace site!
The Andy Smythe Trio
Check out even more videos and samples of the band's music! Barry, the violin player in the band maintains the site.
Watch a plethora of Andy's live performances!

friends and folk clubs

The Fab Club, Grays, Essex
The fantastic Fab Club in Grays, Essex run by the lovely Claudine. Highly recommended!
Orpington Friday Folk
My local club where I reside most Friday nights. Fantastic people, a lovely bar, great music ... come and join us!
Havering Folk Club
A highly recommended folk club run by the talented singer/songwriter Simon Oliver,
Chris Paynes website
Chris is one of the most talented musicians I've worked with. He contributed 2 stunning arrangements on 'Real Love' and 'My Old School' to my album 'Love Unspoken'. He plays everything from violin to theramin! He's a musical genius check out wonderful mp3's of his musical compositions on this site. I did 50+ gigs with Chris and miss him dearly. He now resides in the north east USA.